You can find here our austrian participant's introductions.


  Fabian Hirschl


I´m Fabian Hirschl and I am 15 years old. I usally spend my freetime playing drums or going out to see some friends. I like to watch different series/movies and to listen to music. My favourite time of the year is Halloween. I have an older brother he is 21 years old and has moved out. 

solidarity and migration: Solidarity is a topic I never really had to struggle with. Nobody should have to struggle with solidarity or migration. It obviously should be easier for everyone to be able to live wherever he or she wants to live and to be able to be part of a new community.


Miriam Billisich


My name is Miriam Billisich (But my nickname is Mimi and everyone calls me like that because I don’t really like my full name.) I was born in 16.09.2000. So I’m fifteen now. I have brown hair but I love dying it and currently it’s blonde. My eye color is green. I love traveling, (My favourite city at the moment is London and I want to see bits of America too in the future) listening to music, watching TV or just meeting up with my friends in the evening. (That’s probably what I like best.) I listen to any kind of music but I really like Disclosure, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Halsey, The Neighbourhood and The 1975, along with many others. I’m really into Indie rock too. My favourite foods are probably Pizza and Sushi. My favourite books are 'The perks of being a wallflower’ and ‚All the bright Places’.My favourite color is blue.

This topic is important to me because of recent events and also my family taught me a lot about Migration such as Solidarity and I think everybody should be properly informed about it. I don’t know anyone personally who had to flee from another country because of war or other reasons but I think we are all equal and everyone should be granted the same rights. I think it’s important to know about this because right now it’s one of the major problems in Europe and also in general and I would love to learn more about it.


Leah Diwald


Hello, my name is Leah Diwald and I´m 15 years old. My hobbies are reading, watching movies, but mostly TvShows, and meeting my freinds of course. I haven an older brother, who is called Julian and he is 17 years old. I love listening to music, I do that literally everyday. Some facts about me are, I´m blonde, my favourite subjects in school are english and history and my favourite band is Twenty One Pilots.

My opinion on solidarity and migration is that I think that nobody should have problems because of that because it´s not the religion or origion where you are from, but the person and I think you should, better said you have to support it.

Emily Rajchl


  •  I'm 15 years old
  •  I am from Vienna 
  •  I like action/fantasy films/series (Marvel, DC, Lotr, HP, Got, Twd)
  •  I mostly listen to Rock, Hip-Hop and Drum and Bass
  •  I live with my mother and sister, she is 13, in a flat near the “Brunnenmarkt” 


Solidarity/ migration/ fleeing I personally don't have that much experience with fleeing or migration. But I think it is a very important topic, because it's about other people being in trouble. People who are poorer than we are and people who need the help we can offer them. The problems in the world are all connected so we can't solve them alone we have to search for resolutions all together. Resources are very unfair shared over the world. We have so much and others have nothing. And everybody can do her/his best contribution to help.


Jaqueline Beer


Hello my Name is Jaqueline (everyone calls me Jaqui) and I'm 16 years old. In my free time I like to draw, listen to music, be on tumblr and fangirl about my favourite band One Direction. Another thing that I really enjoy is watching TVshows like TWD, Teen Wolf and Scream Queens. I have a sister, who is 26 years old and also a dog called Selina. don't have any allergies but I'm vegetarian.




Flora Scharf, Marla Wiederhold, Lara Kastowsky




Liliane Brenneis, Julie Drhova