History of our project

Our second exchange meeting took place in Budapest between 24 and 26 January.

Our Austrian friends arrived on Saturday afternoon, so we first had an early dinner together at Szatyor Bár and then we went sightheeing a bit.

On Monday we had guests from Migration Aid, who were volunteering at Eastern (Keleti) Railwaystation during the summer. They shared their experiences with us by showing lots of fotos and videos taken during those months.

We played a game called ’CAN YOU’ which is a role play. We had a chance to experience what it would feel like to be in someone else’s shoes, and all agreed on how lucky we all are.

The game made us realise that we should be greatful for all what we have every singe day, so we painted gratitude stones, which we can carry in our pockets.

In the afternoon we went to the cinema together and watched The Kiterunner, which is a movie about Afghan migrants.

In the evening we had dinner at school. It was stuffed cabbage, which is a traditional Hungarian dish.

The following day we met again int he morning and discussed our project. Then we learned and sang the cup song together, which was fun.